The ELAC Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI) was established in early 2018 as a response to the ever-growing need of understanding the main issues faced today in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and techconomic development. With great vision and foresight by East Los Angeles College, the mission of the CEI is to promote a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and support its practice. Our goal is to serve as a means of creating an ecosystem of innovation with far-reaching impact in East and Southeast Los Angeles, the Pacific Gateway region, and the State of California.

Key Learning Goals

Impact in the East & Southeast Region


The goal of the new ELAC Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is to serve as an agent that promotes synergy in the innovation ecosystem of East and Southeast Los Angeles through our unique, diverse, and valuable connections involving leading institutions from other parts of the region. The premiere program of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a collaboration between ELAC Faculty, the ELAC Foundation (ELACF), and OmniWorks™ (OW).

On November 23, 2018, ELAC, ELACF, and OW will announce its second year of the ELAC Incubator – powered by OmniWorks™ offering programs to incubate and accelerate startup and growth-phase businesses. The program focuses on serving women, veterans, minorities, formerly incarcerated, and LGBTQ owned start-ups in Los Angeles. The new program is funded, in part, by a $160,000 grant investment by Union Bank, with additional support from Banc of California, Citizens Bank, and the California Strong Workforce Program.


The ELAC Incubator – Powered by OmniWorks, hosted at ELAC, will provide twelve months of business curriculum and high-touch incubation focused on equitable access to markets, service providers, financial resources, and capital. Working with a network of mentors and advisors, the program’s goal is to help build economic prosperity, support quality job growth, develop intellectual property, and create generational wealth in under-served communities. This is the first such incubator program for ELAC and the East Los Angeles region.

This work will have an impact on the development of East and Southeast Los Angeles, the Pacific Gateway region, and the State of California.

For more information about ELAC Incubator – Powered by OmniWorks please message our Chief Development Officer, Dr. Armond Aghakhanian at or call our office at 323-265-8901.

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