ESTEC LA™ Incubator – Powered by OmniWorks™


East LA College, the ELAC Foundation and OmniWorks™ have joined forces to create a powerful new program that brings a comprehensive suite of professional business development programs to ELAC students and local entrepreneurs at the East LA Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This is the first such incubator program for ELAC and the East Los Angeles region. Our mission is to accelerate startup and growth-phase minority, women, veteran, formerly incarcerated and LGBTQIA owned businesses in the communities of East Los Angeles. The program’s goal is to help build economic prosperity, support quality job growth, develop intellectual property, and create generational wealth in under-served communities.

ESTEC LA™ Incubator – Powered by OmniWorks™

The result of a collaboration between the ELAC Business Department Faculty, the ELAC Foundation, and OmniWorks, ESTEC LA Incubator launches on April 13, 2018 on the ELAC campus. It begins with a two-day Entrepreneur Boot Camp and is followed by a year-long program of business curriculum and high-touch Incubation focused on equitable access to contemporary business intelligence, financial resources, markets, service providers, capital, and an active network of mentors and advisors.

ESTEC LA™ Entrepreneur Workshop - April 13-14, 2018

The two-day Entrepreneur Workshop will expose up to 50 participants to the essentials of being a successful entrepreneur. The Boot Camp is designed to assist early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs vet their business ideas and learn how to think like an entrepreneur. Over the course of the two days, participants will be guided through the Idea, Startup, and Growth phases of entrepreneurship. Boot Camp participants are eligible to apply to the 12 month ESTEC LA Incubator program.

ESTEC LA™ Incubator - April 30, 2018 – May 7, 2019

Designed to foster successful entrepreneurship, ESTEC LA™ Incubator will select 15 eligible enterprises (two people per enterprise) recruited from ELAC students and existing community-based businesses. Eligibility is based on a criteria of enterprise stage, commercial viability, location, growth potential, commitment, and in-person interviews. Selected enterprises will participate 5 Interpersonal Skills Workshops, QuickBooks and LIVEPLAN training, a 14 week customized Entrepreneurship Curriculum, and 9 months of high-touch incubation.


  • Small Business Entrepreneurship – Lean Startup Methodology
  • Sustainable Business Planning – Live Plan Platform
  • Identify Market and Target Need
  • Principles in Marketing Strategies – Digital Marketing
  • Legal Obligations and Operational Systems
  • Sales Funnel, Costing, Revenue, Cash Flow, Accounting, Procurement
  • Personal Finance & Investments
  • Getting Capital/Investment Ready
  • Building a Network
  • Waging Effective Crowd Funding Campaigns
  • Guest Speakers: Executives from relevant industries
  • Product/Service Pitch (Investors/Capital)


  • Co-work space (includes office supplies and equipment)
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Review & Roadmap
  • Ongoing Business Plan Evaluation
  • Consultation on Financial Projections
  • Weekly Meetings w/Executive Staff and Faculty Advisors
  • Monthly Meeting w/Executive Mentors
  • Activate Network of Executives
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Pitch Day with Executive Feedback
  • Diversity Certification (where applicable)

ELAC courses are for credit. Upon completion of the 12 months, all participants will receive an ELAC Certificate of Completion.


The ESTEC LA™ Incubator program is recruiting women, minority, veteran, formerly incarcerated, and LGBTQIA aspiring/existing student and community-based entrepreneurs who are in a startup/pre-product or growth phase with a viable business idea and growth potential. Alignment with key California growth industry sectors (logistics, advanced manufacturing, robotics, drone technology, alternative energy, digital media, engineering, hospitality, small business enterprise) is preferred. Entrepreneurs must conduct, or plan to conduct, business in communities within the East LA College service area. The program is offered at no cost. Enrollment in courses (Business Management, Marketing, and Interpersonal Skills Workshops) is mandatory.


ESTEC LA™ Incubator – Powered by OmniWorks™ is currently recruiting applicants for the ESTEC™ LA Incubator Program.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in the Incubator Program, apply by clicking below:

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For more information call 323-265-8901.


  • Sponsorship packages are available upon request
  • ESTEC LA welcomes professionals in key industries to serve as mentors/advisors
  • Donate to ELAC Foundation in support of ESTEC LA



East Los Angeles College Foundation (ELACF) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation's singular goal is to support the programs and students of East Los Angeles College. The staff and volunteer Board of Directors embark upon advocacy, building community goodwill and promoting and elevating the College in fulfilling its mission and reaching its goals through marketing and advocacy, community and industry connections, and financial support. The Foundation strives to improve the quality, sustainability, and student involvement in many of the campus programs, such as Entrepreneurship, Logistics, Business Administration, Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) and Advanced Manufacturing. Community college foundations statewide are expected to play a pivotal role in college advancement and social impact in the years to come and the ELAC Foundation is building social enterprise programs and capacity to lead that charge by launching ESTEC LA™ Incubator – Powered by OW.The program name “ESTEC LA™” fuses the words Este “East” and Technology “Tec”, which stands for the region and innovation coming together to create the next generation of entrepreneurial minds and small businesses. To learn more about the ELAC Foundation programs visit:



OmniWorks is a new platform for small business growth. Our mission is to help underserved, underestimated entrepreneurs succeed by democratizing access to business intelligence, markets, and capital with a focus on women and minority business owners. OmniWorks is upgrading the existing ecosystem of business support by incorporating elements of the tech/venture capital model with place-based and virtual business services, extended mentorship, and equitable access to loan capital for startup and growth phase businesses. OmniWorks’ programs are designed to enhance small business success by helping business owners achieve greater efficiency, create and sustain quality jobs, increase revenues, and generate long term wealth in traditionally underserved communities. For more information visit:

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East Los Angeles College (ELAC) is now in its 71st year of service, continuing its mission of transforming the lives of students in the eastern Los Angeles area through education and career opportunities. ELAC has an international, multicultural student body that complements the 14 communities comprising its primary service area. The college offers both academic transfer courses, which prepare students for admission to four-year colleges and universities, and occupational programs, which prepare students for careers in two years or less. ELAC boasts an 86% retention rate and a 71% success rate and continues to increase the number of graduates and transfers to four-year universities each year. Ranked #13 in the nation and #2 in California by Washington Monthly magazine’s 2016 “Best Two-Year Colleges for Adult Learners”, ELAC is one of the largest Community Colleges in California with over 60,000 students enrolled. ELAC is Ranked 12th in CSU Transfers (up from 20th) and ranked 15th in UC Transfers (up from 20th) for transfers to 4-year universities. To learn more about East LA College please visit:

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