$113,000 awarded to 113 students by ELAC Foundation

Scholarship recipients of the fall semester were celebrated on November 17th of 2016. ELAC Foundation board members, Arnoldo Jaquez, Jr. and Paul Chang were present, as well as, Bill Gasper, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services and Faculty who participated in the Scholarship Selection process. $113,000 was awarded to 113 students. There were 2 recipients who received the Honors Program Scholarship and 111 recipients of the California Community College Scholarship Endowment that include named scholarships from Angel and Gregoria Almeida, Asma Khatoon, Association of Physicians of North America Southern California Chapter, Circle K Fraternity, Delta Sigma Sorority, Dr. Adriana Barrera, Dr. Daniel La Vista, Dr. Efrain Garza Fuentes, Dr. Judy Chu, Dr. Tyree Wieder, East Los Angeles College Foundation, Ernest H. Moreno, Ernestina Benavides Memorial, Garfield Medical Center, Gil Ontiveros, Henry Fukuhara Memorial, Hilda Solis, Jaime Escalante Memorial, Manuel “Manny” Gutierrez, Max and Marie Offenberg, Milford and Pat Zornes, Miyoko Komori Memorial, Monterey Park Hospital, Ms. Lydia Rudametkin Memorial, Osher Initiative for California Community College Students, Philip A. Cohen, Preferred Bank, R. C. Williams, III Memorial, Raymond Cheng, West San Gabriel Valley Boys and Girls Club, Wing & Alice L.T. Chung, Wong Family Memorial.

The ELAC Foundation awarded a total of $202,000 to 266 recipients in 2015-2016. “We expect to award even more scholarships in 2016-17 thanks to the continued generosity of our donors and supporters”, stated Paul De La Cerda, ELAC Foundation Executive Director.

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