East Los Angles College Students Attend Flamin’ Hot Movie Opening & Q&A Session in Partnership with Poderistas & The LatinX House

June 20, 2023
Dr. Armond Aghakhanian , Director
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East Los Angles College Students Attend

Flamin’ Hot

Movie Opening & Q&A Session in Partnership with

Poderistas & The LatinX House

Burbank, CA- East Los Angeles College (ELAC) students attend the opening and participate in the Q&A session of the Director//Actress Eva Longoria’s Directorial debut film Flamin' Hot. Joined by stars Jesse John Garcia, Annie Gonzalez, Film Writer Linda Yvette Chavez, and Producer DeVon Franklin

Flamin’ Hot Movie is a story of family, love, perseverance, and the strength of community, and it's just the type of movie we need to see right now. It's the story of everyday superheroes from our community. The movie is currently streaming on Hulu & Disney Plus and is the most-watched streaming premiere from searchlight pictures.

"Flamin Hot the Movie illustrates Success comes in many flavors. This story may be similar to the journey of ELAC Students, success does not always have to be linear. As a Proud Board Member of the ELAC Foundation it's important to Advocate and provide Access for students. My Board colleagues and I are committed to our Mission of Transforming the Lives of the Students we serve. I know we have so much talent and possibly at ELAC. The stars of Flamin Hot shared they were thrilled and touched after engaging with ELAC students and Faculty present. " -said Kassandra Sanchez, ELAC Board of Directors

"We are family oriented, we're hardworking, we contribute a lot to our society and our Community....we are a lot of things. This film is a love letter to the Latino Community...we don't get a lot of chances to make movies About Us, By Us, and For Us. We did our part, we need you guys to do your part....we need Hollywood to know we matter, and we have stories to tell, & we are amazing story tellers..... " said Eva Longoria, Director, Flamin' Hot.

"This is the story of Richard Montanez, a story of underdogs. Everyone in front and behind the camera. We all have a lot to prove, we have to believe in ourselves." said Jesse John Garcia, Lead Actor of Flamin’ Hot.

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