ELAC Incubator


ELAC Incubator brings a comprehensive suite of professional business development programs to ELAC students and local entrepreneurs at the East LA Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This is the first incubator program of its kind for the East Los Angeles region. Our Mission is to accelerate startup and growth-phase minority, women, veteran, formerly incarcerated, and LGBTQIA owned business in the communities of East Los Angeles.

ELAC Incubator delivers resources that include contemporary business curricula, entrepreneur workshop intensives, equitable access to markets and capital, high-touch mentorship, co-work space, financial and legal guidance, and certification to improve small business access to corporate and government supply chains.

*ELAC courses are for credit. Upon completion of the incubator, all participants will receive Certificate of Completion.


  • The ELAC Incubator program is recruiting women, minority, veteran, formerly incarcerated, and LGBTQIA aspiring/existing student and community-based entrepreneurs who are in a startup/pre-product or growth phase with a viable business idea and growth potential.
  • Alignment with key California growth industry sectors (logistics, advanced manufacturing, robotics, drone technology, alternative energy, digital media, engineering, hospitality, small business enterprise) is preferred.
  • Entrepreneurs must conduct, or plan to conduct, business in communities within the East LA College service area. The program is offered at no cost.
  • Enrollment in courses (Business Management, Marketing, and Interpersonal Skills Workshops) is mandatory.


  • Phase 1: Entrepreneur Boot Camp:
  • The Boot Camp is designed to assist early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs vet their business ideas and learn how to think like an entrepreneur.

  • Phase 2: Advanced Business Curriculum: College course work includes Small Business Administration and Principles of Marketing while the advanced entrepreneur workshops focus on topics such as, Building Your Business Plan, Entity Formation, Fundamentals of Accounting, Business Contracts, Creative Problem Solving, Personal Branding, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, and Presentation Skills.
  • Phase 3: High Touch Mentorship: Selected enterprises participate in a 9-month high touch mentorship program customized to their individual business goals. Services include co-workspace, accounting services, legal roadmap, tech-based business platforms, networking opportunities, legal roadmap, business certification, and consultation with subject matter experts.

      • Business Management
      • Small Business Entrepreneurship
      • Sustainable Business Planning
      • Live Plan Platform Workshop
      • Identifying Market and Target Need
      • Principles in Marketing – Digital Marketing
      • Legal Obligations and Operational Systems
      • Sales Funnel, Costing Revenue, Cash Flow,
      • Accounting, Procurement
      • Quick Books Workshop
      • Personal Finance & Investments
      • Waging Effective Crowd Funding Campaigns


      • Co-work space (includes office supplies and equipment)
      • Accounting Services
      • Legal Review & Roadmap
      • Ongoing Business Plan Evaluation
      • Consultation on Financial Projections
      • Weekly Meetings w/Executive Staff and Faculty Advisors
      • Monthly Meeting w/Executive Mentors
      • Getting Capital Ready
      • Product/Service Pitch Preparation
      • Pitch Day w/Executive & Funder Feedback
      • Diversity Certification (where applicable)

      *To learn more about the program, please contact: Dr. Armond Aghakhanian at AGHAKHA@elac.edu

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