Helen Miller Bailey Scholarship

The Social Sciences Department, in partnership with the ELAC Foundation, sponsors the Helen Miller Bailey
Scholarship. The selection of scholarship recipients and the distribution of funds will be performed by a
committee selected by the Social Sciences Department.

Amounts range from $100 to 1,000.

The Helen Miller Bailey Model
Dr. Helen Miller Bailey was a model educator and the college library was named after her in recognition of her
life work. She was an expert in Latin American History and often traveled to Mexico. She was tireless in
promoting the interests of her Hispanic students. This scholarship was created to further her guidance of Hispanic
students, but students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The selection criteria are based on the model
set by Dr. Bailey. To satisfy the selection criteria and be considered for the Helen Miller Bailey Memorial
Scholarship Award, all of the award requirements must be satisfied and a complete application packet submitted.

Award Requirements
1. Must be a current ELAC student who will continue at ELAC or transfer to a 4 year university in 2020-21
(Please attach acceptance notification and/or application submission confirmation.);
2. Must be majoring in one of the following Social Science disciplines: African American Studies, Asian
American Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, or Sociology;
3. Must have completed at least 12 units or more at East Los Angeles College with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or
4. Must have career plans that follow the model set by Dr. Bailey, preference will be given to candidates who
demonstrate they plan to return to the community and help others;
5. Must submit a brief essay about yourself, including your background, your financial needs, your career
interests, your present service to the college and/or community, and how you plan to help others in your
choice of career. Emphasize your interest in a specific social science major and what you hope to give back
to the community;
6. Must submit 2 letters of recommendation, preferably from ELAC faculty members and at least one member of
the Social Sciences Department;
7. Completed application form;
8. Attach a recent copy of transcripts (unofficial accepted) for all your college work, including Spring 2021
courses; and
9. Any additional evidence that you have selected a social science as an academic major is encouraged but not
mandatory. This may be a notation in an official transcript or a letter on official letterhead from a college
where you are applying for transfer. Preference is given for documentation of social science major.

Application Packet, please click here
Please provide a complete application packet, including application form and all supporting items, and any
questions regarding this scholarship to the Social Science Department office F7-307. Follow this checklist for
completing your application packet.

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation (details noted above as Award Requirements)
  • An essay about yourself, present service and future plans (details noted above as Award Requirements)
  • Additional evidence that you have selected a social science as an academic major and your transfer plans

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