Rosalie Hilger Achievement Scholarships

This is a dedicated Departmental (Family and Consumer Sciences and Child Development departments) Scholarship for the students Rosalie most loved.

To provide a key to success in higher education and support positive life-changing skill sets – for the student and their families.

Two annual scholarships at $500.00 each.

Ernest Hilger, on behalf of the Hilger Family Trust, has established these two scholarships in honor of his most beloved, caring and loving wife, Rosalie of 45 years. The objective is to continue her legacy in sharing her caring, loving, gentle and positive life spirit and positive energy with future generations of students she so loved. Rosalie taught and guided students for 24 years as an Adjunct Professor at East Los Angeles Community College and Los Angeles Mission College’s Child, Family and Consumer Studies Departments. Rosalie was the Director of the Foster and Kinship Care Programs at Los Angeles Mission College and was the regional coordinator for these programs. She was instrumental and highly effective in securing partnerships with community leaders, parents, students, administrators, community-based organizations and local public schools; and was responsible for writing and co-authoring tremendous grants which brought millions of dollars in support for her students (For the Children) and the programs she managed.

The award recognizes those students who have successfully met life’s challenges and have demonstrated a positive life path for themselves and their FAMILY no matter the “real or perceived baggage from childhood.” The award recognizes those students who are on a redirected life path to live successful and productive lives utilizing their own positive life energy, their education, their new sense of self and the strength of the family as a means to success in life and in their chosen professions. The award is to benefit students to assist their journey along a positive life path by sharing, utilizing, and communicating Rosalie’s everlasting positive life energy with all the challenges they may meet in their lives.

Her everlasting spirit, her beautiful smile, her contagious laughter, her positive personality, and her wisdom will guide others. The Award recognizes that there is more to success than a high GPA and that students who are not at the top of their class academically also deserve the opportunity for success.

Scholarship Criteria:

• Must have completed a minimum of three (3) units in the following areas of study at ELAC prior to applying for the Rosalie Hilger Achievement Scholarship: Family and Consumer Studies Programs or Child Family and Education Studies Departments
• 2.5 or higher GPA
• Must be US Citizen or a permanent resident in the state of California for the last two years.
• Fulltime student (taking 12 or more units at ELAC)
• A copy of approved Student Education Plan.


• A two (2) page autobiographical statement demonstrating excellent leadership skills and positive goal-oriented lifestyle achievements for success in meeting life’s challenges. This autobiography should demonstrate a “Can Do Attitude” and an “I Can; I Will; I Must” perspective in meeting Life’s Challenges.
• A list of extracurricular, leadership and volunteer activities to the community.
• Provide 15 hours of approved documented community service to the college or other community organization for the second semester award.
• A reference letter (please use PDF format).

Apply Now

Dr. Janice Velazquez, a tenured faculty member at ELAC in the Family and Consumer Sciences and Child Development Departments is nominated by the donor Ernest R. Hilger to be the administrator of these two scholarships.

For more information contact:
Dr. Janice Velazquez
Work Janis V

Make a Donation

  • Please make checks payable to East Los Angeles College Foundation.
  • Please make sure you write in the memo line "For Rosalie Hilger Achievement Scholarships".
  • Mail the check to:

East Los Angeles College Foundation
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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